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Pars Pro Toto - Timber


From the series Ink on book pages form 1889


43 x 29.7 cm
16.93 x 12 in






Drawings & Works on Paper

Ink on book pages form 1889

1976 , Belgium

Marinda Vandenheede (b.1976) lives in Waregem, Belgium, where she studied fine art. Her practice is informed by the truism that, as humans, we are inseparable from nature. Vandenheede creates sculptural objects, works on paper, and paintings that employ natural, used, and discarded materials. “I tend to work with weathered, natural materials that testify to the beauty of decay.” Such materials lend a sensitivity and sense of wonder to her works that contrast her use of geometry and sense of composition - visibly influenced by an early training in graphic design. Vandenheede's practice embraces imperfection, atrophy, and stillness, as a rejection of consumerism and disconnectedness. Her works have been shown internationally, including in Belgium, France, Spain, the UK, and Ukraine.

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Berlin, Friedrichstraße 171

Ronewa Art Projects brings together people, ideas and events shaping the new landscape of contemporary art. To address the rapid shift taking place in the art world and how we experience art, traditional models are not only being reconsidered, but transcended and reinvented. Since it was founded in 2006, Ronewa Art Gallery has been dedicated to the presen...

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30 x 20 x 0.1 cm

400,00 €