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650 EUR

Une histoire de toits 2


Single piece Signed Dated Titled



55 x 46 x 2 cm
21.65 x 18 x 0.79 in







Oil on canvas (on stretcher)

Hand-signed by artist

Certificate of authenticity and invoice from gallery included

Montauban, France

During my youth, I followed courses in the workshop of the sculptor and professor Flavio de Faveri for more than two years in Montauban, city of which I am native. These years will allow me to express myself in the art of painting.

At the same time, scientific studies led me to the other side of the world where I was an executive in charge of investment operations for the Territory of French Polynesia in the field of building, then a representative of the President of the Government. 

While building for the country and painting, Polynesia inspires me to write. I was published by Editions St Germain des Prés for two collections: "Bleu-vert est mon cyclone" and "De l'autre côté des mots" (On the other side of words) which earned me a few years later entry into the Société des Gens de Lettres de France. 

Back in Metropolitan France in the 2000s, I diversified my techniques to devote myself to oil painting which attracted me more and more. In order to perfect this technique, I enrolled at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris and I took courses with Gilles Marey. 

In 2010 painting became my only activity. Passionate about architecture, I dedicated a part of my paintings to New York and Paris, paintings that reflect my perception of the purified city, a purely architectural vision, where the human being disappears from the city after having created it. Through my paintings I seek solitude in a hyperurbanized space, and the perspectives that I like to capture are as many bridges from the material to the immaterial.

More recently it is by removing the color that the faces appeared... like a desire to fight... and meetings, places, passions, inspire me... Kong is alive...

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Paris, 3 Rue de Lanneau

The gallery wants to offer everyone the pleasure of discovering, being seduced by and acquiring original works by contemporary artists and also support the creation of numerous artists through a fair economic model. The editorial line of ArtEthic Galerie is artistic creation without style boundaries, offering authentic emotions and original artistic approac...

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