Alberi (2)

About Alberi (2)

Medium: acrylic, textile and photo on canvas.

Manuel Felisi moves confidently in the different fields of making art, from painting, to photography till installation tecniques, always telling the same theme, the dimension of Time.
“The Time” could be described as “the Theme”, because everyone of us is involved; our being in there, is: Time that changes things through its passage, preserves them or either makes them dissolve.

There are different ways to tell this story; Felisi does it in a “kind” way, without being trapped in nostalgia, and, on the contrary, covering the dimesion of time, with poetic and emotional inspiration.
His works are made of several materic layers, always joined chasing the same scientific order, like following a ritual, from painting to print, yet without being mechanical, but always succeded with extreme involvement.

Time is the main character from many points of view: time like a necessary measure to create the work itself. The short-lived time, almost frozen, of the photographic instant, the digitally-processed shot, therefore printed with the absence of white on a previously prepared canvas, is like a seal capable of holding inside the work all the “Times” which can possibly be described. A photograph that ceases to be a simple shot of people, places, objects becomes a collective memory.
Besides “Time” as ideal and universal category, which rules life, beats the rithm and changes things and people.

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