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38 x 46 cm
14.96 x 18 in







oil on canvas

, United States

Barcelona, June 13, 1945

Manel Anoro is a painter born in Barcelona on June 13, 1945. His extensive work is distributed mainly in the United States and, to a lesser extent, in Spain, other European countries and Japan.
His childhood passes between fashions and models in his mother's dressmaking workshop in Barcelona. It is in the nursery school that he discovers the overwhelming power that ironic -sarcastic- drawings and caricatures have on teachers and students. This attitude of describing with simple and quick drawings the environment and situation of each moment of his life, is something that he never abandoned.

He first studied agriculture in Barcelona (Technical Engineer in Livestock Farms – 1965) and later graduated in Economic Sciences from the University of Barcelona. In the second course of said career, he is filed and expelled from the University, for his active participation in the fight against the Franco dictatorship (1968). He worked as a Systems Technician at IBM Barcelona for several years.

Artistic career:
His first exhibition is in Barcelona in 1984, and since then he has held 31 individual exhibitions in the United States, 23 in Spain, 6 in Europe and 4 in Japan. In addition, he has participated in International Fairs (Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Madrid, Barcelona) and in a large number of individual and collective exhibitions.

His work is currently very focused on the description of environments that especially attract him: neighborhoods in Cuba, towns in Senegal, landscapes in Morocco or Menorca (where he has his second studio). Nudity is another constant in his career and his last paintings in this genre tend to represent two models posing together.

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