Manon Steyaert (b. Belgium) is a French London based artist that has shown with galleries such as Cookhouse Gallery, (Windermere, UK), BSMT Gallery (London, UK). Upcoming show with Eve Leibe Gallery (London, UK), Karen Tronel (London, UK), Annika Nuttall Gallery (Aarhus, DK) Studio0, (St. Saint Moritz, CH), Penny Nikolaou, (Athens, GR).

Steyaert’s practice is predominantly based around the mediums of painting and sculpture, she aims to change the viewers perceived notions of each medium by bridging them close together, creating a blur or a sense of limbo between mediums, her paintings act as sculptures and sculptures as paintings. Using non-traditional materials, such as silicone, latex and cellophane, with painting, she is currently focused on pouring it herself, enabling her to be able to create a material from scratch to alter it from its beginning.
​She uses brightly coloured layers to create a sort of interruption in the space where the work is shown, enticing the viewer to analyse the surface of the works and become confused on how their gaze is “stolen” away from them through curiosity. Wanting to originally work in Fashion, Steyaert finds inspiration from fabrics and their possibilities to create forms, relating this to the canvas on a stretcher and the relationship between form and structure, wanting to see her materials live on their own, standing on their own “feet” away from the canvas frame, Steyaert has been exploring this through the medium of instillation with larger silicone works.