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8500 EUR



Single piece Signed



81 x 81 x 4 cm
31.89 x 32 x 1.57 in







Painting, acrylic paint, silver & gold leaf


1980 Dijon, France

Malo A., was born in 1980, she lives and works in Burgundy.
Her work is a journey into the wildlife. She paints it in a realistic and naturalist vein. However, like orthodox religious icons, her bestiary seems to be embedded in the gold that covers the background of most of her paintings. In doing so, she seems to be venerating the nature that is so often mistreated by human beings.
Her work also draws from the decorative art of the 1930s and the great animal painters of this period such as Georges-Lucien Guyot, Paul Jouve or Gaston Suisse. Who knew, like her, how to emphasize the aesthetics of animal representation through supple and powerful lines.
Her technique is inspired by traditional Japanese art, Western illumination and modern art. Through an illusionist pictorial technique, it is a clever mixture of ancient know-how, allowing to give life to easel paintings as well as screens, and recently to totems, thus taking us towards decorative art. This original approach and sensitivity have been developed over the years, through numerous trips (Japan, Iceland, Thailand, etc.), meetings, studies and professional training.
Her love for heritage, calligraphy and illumination also led her to pursue graduate studies in conservation-restoration of cultural property.

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"The bear's bath"

Paintings 100 x 70 x 5cm

9500,00 €

"Octopus 1er"

Paintings 40 x 60 x 4cm

3850,00 €


Paintings 40 x 60 x 5cm

3850,00 €

"The patriarch"

Paintings 60 x 40 x 5cm

3500,00 €

"Three Ducks"

Paintings 30 x 40 x 4cm

1200,00 €


Beaune en Bourgogne, 9 Pl. Félix Ziem

Contemporary art gallery located in Beaune, Burgundy, in the heart of the wine country. Why ARS ESSENTIA? The name of the gallery comes from the Latin ars essentiae, which translates as the essence of art. This name symbolises the guiding principle of the gallery's artistic choices: to present works of art that express both an artistic vision, a conscious...

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January 30, No. 5


36 x 28 x 3 cm

2200,00 €



150 x 180 x 4 cm

9500,00 €