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Lost Within My Own Self 5


Single piece Signed Titled

From the series Lost Within My Own Self



170 x 180 x 6 cm
66.93 x 71 x 2.36 in







This series (5 pieces in total) explores the complex relationship between father and son, drawing on Camilo’s own experiences.  The journey of painting these pieces deals with Camilo’s sexuality and his father’s non-acceptance, as well as his father’s mental health issues, especially in relation to the quite horrible Alzheimer’s Disease post a horrific accident crash.  The decline in thinking and social skills and the inability to function independently is explored, as Camilo links the state of mind, both in the inability to accept, as well as to think and function independently.

1982 , Brazil

Maico Camilo, born in Brazil 1982.  He has travelled extensively, up into Europe and then lived and worked for an extended period of time in New Zealand and Australia.  These experiences have opened him up to the different cultures and environments that have helped him explore the larger questions we all face in life: our reason for being. Camilo has set about exploring his own journey through his art, challenging his own paradigms and his reason for being and not being afraid to explore different vocabularies and communication forms through his art.  He is challenging us all to confront the obvious, in terms of what is going on around us.  What you see is what you get, but is it?  How many of us compromise our real self?  How many of us fall victim to the perceptions of others, worried about what others think?  How many of us truly stand for what we believe in and remain true to ourselves? When you see the complexities in Camilo’s artwork, you see a mirror of the complexities of life.  The layers of each work question our own strength of conviction, for what we stand for.  Each piece forces the viewer to look elsewhere within the artwork, therefore the viewer will slowly analyse their own response to the work, sensing the intellect that the artwork has to offer. So, come and explore for yourself and discover!  Camilo Art Studio provides a warm and friendly environment and breaks down some of the intimidation some people associate with traditional galleries.  Take time to come and get to know the artist. Maico’s artwork currently hangs in the Boardroom of the International College of Management (Manly, Sydney). There is also a major Sydney contemporary piece, called Sydney In Vivid, being placed in the new building of St Andrews College (sponsored by http://www.braydiver.com), and other major private collectors.

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Cape Town, 37 Parliament Street

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Lost Within My Own Self 3


170 x 180 x 7 cm

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