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Veils (velos), 2021


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400 x 300 x 400 cm
157.48 x 118 x 157.48 in






Drawings & Works on Paper , Multiples

  • About the work

A veil is a curtain or fabric that covers something. Are ideas and prejudices social veils?
Some veils are attached to the person because they are what they are (blue veils). Other types of veils are acquired throughout life, sometimes called tags (yellow veils). All of them are prejudices and float in the environment of society. We are all exposed to being attached to something for what we are (gender, ethnicity, age, physical appearance) with prejudices of something that we have not chosen, they are veils that float in the environment and that without looking for them they find us while their shadow surrounds us .
This is an exhibition combining aesthetics and idea. Each of the 5 works on paper has a photo of a woman, they are real photos and as old as the clothing that can be seen. The blue veil fell, she withdrew gracefully, revealing the woman. The veils with a yellow background have stuck to their history without permission, they arrived later as prejudices that, flying through space, occupy the place that previously found the shadow. The shadows are the projections of prejudices that float in the environment, in some cases it is magnified in the same way that the shadow distorts the object it projects, some leftovers that are very present.

About the Artists

1965 Madrid, Spain

Luisa Martín de Vidales is an artist and also art galery owner and founder. She worked as engineer for over twenty years. She studied sociology to satisfy the curiosity to know more about the society. She herself affirms that her work is submerged and inspired by society, in what conditions us, in the events that occur and those to which the individual attributes meaning. 

She says that her creations are moments or contexts in which the meaning and meaning we give to events become our biography, what happens to us and what in turn leads us to shape who we are.

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