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74 x 54 cm
29.13 x 21 in







Medium: aquatint. Edition: 48

1948 , Italy

Born in 1948 in Rotondi Valle Caudina, in the province of Avellino. During his young age, he begins to draw and attends the teachings of painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti who "instruct" where receives the technical and procedural issues of the various materials. In the period ’65-’70, his drawings have a strong political connotation. In the Seventies his interest is for actions and performances. The artist "acting" is to destroy the casts he previously made, after he works almost exclusively to sculpture. In 1972 his held his first personnel exposition at the Centro Arte Europa in Naples; still in Naples, in 1977, he exhibits at Studio Morra. In the eighties is indicated by Renato Barilli as exponent of the Nuovi-nuovi. This is the time in the Italian art scene where Mainolfi can be defined as the only sculptor operating in Italy. The materials he chooses are differentsuch as paper, terracotta, which builds a variety of landscapes, stones of certain lands such as the tuff, bronze, wood and iron. The first shape on which he takes attention is the "bell". His research is related to the environment, the endless inventions of the nature. His research is articulated on the myth, on certain archetypal forms as the "mussels-castanets" in wood, iron and steel. In recent years it has also produced the series on ”cages” and “dresses in iron”. Luigi Mainolfi has an extensive personal and collective exhibition activities. in ’88 he exhibits at De 'Foscherari Gallery, Alfonso Artiaco Gallery of Pozzuoli and Galerie Di Meo in Paris; in '89 in Turin at the Russian Tucci Gallery, in '90 at Noire Gallery in Turin , in '91 he exhibits at Atrium in Biella and at Piero Cavellini in Brescia, in '92 he holds a personal at Gianferrari Gallery in Milan, at Tucci Russian in Turin and at Municipal Museum of Rimini. In '93 he’s at the Alfonso Artiaco Gallery in Pozzuoli. In ‘94 a major exhibition is staged at Villa delle Rose in Bologna; the same year he exhibits in Prague at Hlavniho Prahy. In ‘95 he’s at Bernab studio in Venice. In'98, his important personnel is organized in Bologna at De 'Foscherari Galleries, G7 and Otto Arte Contemporanea, places that propose art works realized in different materials placed in different exhibition spaces.

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