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Flusso di Donne #6


Single piece Titled Framed



50 x 70 cm
19.69 x 28 in







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Mixed media on canvas


1992 , Italy

After completing her classical studies, she embarked on a path in the fashion world, graduating in Fashion Styling at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan, subsequently working in the sector as a freelancer. At the same training school, she attended a Master's in Surface & Textile Design, an experience that evolved her through the discovery of a new world: from the creation of elements for pattern making to the artist painting on canvas.

"Balance is my connection to the art world, a strong attraction that has become a passion that drives my creative process. My works are extremely material - I mix pumice dust, sand and other raw materials - to achieve a primitive feeling where subjects come to life and become totemic figures.

The experimentation continues through the colours, which arise from the nuances of the earth and fill individual spaces without ever merging, occupying their own place and, together, creating the whole.

Naive, light-hearted souls that fly and tell of worlds made up of imaginary characters and women with fluid, almost primordial features that peacefully reconnect with the nature that is not just nature: mother earth."

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Milan, Via Leto Pomponio, 6

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65 x 75 cm


Dynamic Symmetry


30 x 40 cm

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