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690 EUR
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Sutura N°1


Dated Titled



80 x 80 cm
31.50 x 32 in





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1994 Milan, Italy

Ludovica Crippa, aka VINO, was born in Milan on 11 August 1994. He is an informal-inspired artist who develops his pictorial studio through a constant search for balance between lines, colors and geometries. Matter, real or perceptive, is the protagonist of his works, which appear as walls altered by time. The pictorial signs overlap, creating light stratifications, which appear as deposits of memory. Ludovica uses recycled materials, which are implicitly time bearers. His more academic training also emerges in his production, through "academic works". He attended the Umberto Boccioni art school, obtaining his diploma in 2012. Subsequently he enrolled in the Sculpture department of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in 2019. During his attendance in Brera he moved to Valle d'Aosta for seasonal work and, thanks to this period of estrangement from the studio, in 2018 she began to experiment with painting, a practice that, compared to sculpture, brings her greater satisfaction and results.

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Milan, Via Leto Pomponio, 6

Looking For Art Gallery is a place of artistic and cultural exchange for hundreds of under 35 artists gravitating around our project. The final goal is to create new and better growth opportunities for young artists, who can find in our online gallery a place where they can express, experiment and share art in all its facets. It is a space where innovation...

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Untitled 12


11.4 x 24 x 0.1 cm

200,00 €



150 x 180 x 4 cm

9500,00 €