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9000 EUR



Single piece Signed Framed



46.5 x 35 x 3 cm
18.31 x 14 x 1.18 in




Mixed Media



Jewels. 2014, oil on wood, 35x46,5 cm 63 pieces of separate wood blocks different colors, which are fixed on foundation, it is possible to remove those from foundation and use separately each block if you want, size of each block 5x5cm and 7x5cm. Artwork is framed.

1988 , Latvia

From 2016 surname Galaktionova. Alyona graduated Riga art school, Latvian University, receiving a visual arts teacher and householder teacher qualifications, as well as master’s degree of Art Academy of Latvia, conceptual workshop Ivars Heinrihsons lead. The artist participates in exhibitions since 2011. Alyona like to exploring different materiality through painting, especially glass and metal. The aim of the work is the realistic depiction of materiality and textures. Interest in textures author have found while exploring XVII century Dutch artists paintings. These paintings inspired by realistic depiction of materiality. Because of the realistic painting technique, each painted object looks like a treasure, they enchant with their hyperrealism, harmony, tremendous energy and strength. This is the main aim of Alyona paintings – to fill each painting with energy and strength using a realistic painting technique and making them look like a treasure. Working process mainly consists of a detailed examination of natural shapes, texture and materials, followed by it’s representation in painting based on realism aesthetics and living truth. To depict items objectively, naturally, with all facilities inherent characteristics, artistically true is the essence of aesthetic realism.

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Paintings 90 x 130 x 3cm

4500,00 €


Paintings 40 x 40 x 3cm

1400,00 €


Paintings 30 x 30 x 2cm

700,00 €


Paintings 33 x 46.5 x 3cm

900,00 €


Riga, Brivibas street 157-2

The gallery has been active since 1991. Until October 2009, it resided in a quiet place, in a beautiful Art Nouveau quarter of Riga, on 22 Antonijas Street. Now it has moved closer to the fast city rhythm and is located in Riga, 157 Brivibas Street (you can park your car in the yard of the house, if you previously call the numbers indicted below). Antonija ...

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