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1000 EUR

S.T. (1)


Single piece



30 x 40 cm
11.81 x 16 in







Mixed media on canvas.

Work created over the last few months, born from research around Impressionism and in particular the figures of Monet and Degas. French nineteenth-century painting never returns here as a quotation, but rather as a suggestion, as an atmosphere conveyed by a precise chromatic choice and a vibration under the skin, a rethought sensitivity capable of arousing in the viewer an alienating sense of déjà-vu. What Civettini creates is a sort of identification, built through a capillary research that the artist conducts not only on the work of the artists he is investigating, but also on their lives, on personalities, on the small everyday life that make them closer and more family members.

1967 Trento, Italy

Luciano Civettini has always worked on melancholy, on lack/absence and on memory. Often to activate the mechanism of memory he uses writing, in which the word is sometimes resolved in a sign that triggers the memory.
"Beauty is 'melancholy' and art a 'melancholic' obsession": as an artist, therefore, Civettini adopts memory and nostalgia as instruments of criticism and redemption from the present and, perhaps, from the past. The series of recent works is part of a somewhat larger project begun about a year and a half ago. A passion for art history has led to reworking the themes of great artists, from Fragonard to Impressionist painters. Readings, biographies and reviews have composed a layer of data and information on which the artist goes to work: elements of "normal" life, between ateliers and families, between friendships and professional ties... an intimate art history.

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Milano, Via S. Maurilio, 14

Gilda is a way of experiencing contemporary art, a hybrid of tradition and modernity. Gilda is a creature that was born in the heart of Milan, in via San Maurilio, in March 2017. Some might call it a gallery, but Gilda is much more than that. It has its own soul and history, like all living beings. Gilda is a space for contemporary art, but many things happe...

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33.1 x 32.4 cm

Untitled (Wire mesh on canvas)


40 x 40 x 5 cm

500,00 €

Snake Lady - Queen of Prophecy


24 x 30 cm

550,00 €

Imagining 3


38.1 x 43.18 x 15.24 cm

284,48 €