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900 EUR

Human II




30 x 40 cm
11.81 x 16 in







, Italy

Lucia Andreozzi is a sculptress and painter. She was born in 1997 and she lives in Civitanova. She studied architecture at the art school of Fermo and now she’s in the Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata to do Sculpture. Although Andreozzi’s self-educated for painting, her passion for canvas and brushes is very prolific. Studying art for all her life, she always painted in every step of her education, always operating in a freely way. She has always acted without ever having technical indications, she just have a great cultural base. In her sculptures, Andreozzi punts in the foreground women bodies and nature, distorting them precisely to narrate the new language of the Post Human. All the Andreozzi’s painting career, so, is an eternal experimentation: the most important examples of successful experiments is the serie “Wax on Canvas” (2017) , or another, “Materia” (2018) , “Due” (2019) , until you get to “Human” (2020) . In 2019 she partecipated at the exhibition “Forse in un’altra piazza” with her installation “Tree of Limbs”. In 2019 she also taked part in a Friday for Future at Fermo making a temporary “Terzo Paradiso” with recycled materials. In 2020 Andreozzi’s works “Resiliae-Enthys” are in the virtual exhibition, “MEET”.

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Treviso, Via Campania 5

CONTEXT ART GALLERY is an international art gallery specialized in contemporary art. The gallery is dedicated to the promotion of established and mid-career contemporary artists, with a special focus on abstract, non-figurative art, photography and sculpture. In a time when fast communication and media have a direct impact upon our lives, the gallery conce...

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Human I


30 x 40 cm

900,00 €

Senza Titolo 06


33 x 43 cm

Space Kiss


40 x 50 cm