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2500 EUR

Better Times, Past and Future


Single piece Signed Dated Titled



61 x 20 cm
24.02 x 8 in







Technique: acrylic on linen;

Edition: unique;

Blyton marries method with meaning by handcrafting each of her works using precise, Reductivist techniques.
Blyton first builds her forms from balsa wood, then covers the wood with linen glue and carefully applies the hand-cut linen in the simplest possible way, so that folds and seams are all but eliminated. Seeking the most straightforward possible expression of colour, she carefully applies acrylic paint into the untreated linen surface, building up to 20 coats of very thin matt paint to achieve the same saturation as her previous works with raw acrylic pigments.

Australian abstract artist Louise Blyton employs precise, Reductivist methods to create lucid, harmonious, multidimensional artworks that embody the marriage of color, texture, and form. 
She lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.


Melbourne, Australia

Louise Blyton (b. Melbourne) is a reductive artist exploring the romance of raw linen and dry pigment. The artist’s geometrically shaped canvases explore color, light, and form through the visual language of Reductivism, an aesthetic style characterized by streamlined compositions, restricted color, and a reduction of form and means. Identifying with Reductivism’s simplicity, Blyton’s shaped canvases and three-dimensional wall sculptures elevate craftsmanship and process, achieving a compositional clarity that unifies color and form.

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London, 160 Fernhead Road, Maida Vale

IdeelArt is a curated online only art gallery dedicated to contemporary abstract art, offering a representative selection of qualitative works from international established abstract artists....

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When The Sun Goes Down


73 x 92 x 4 cm

3000,00 €