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900 EUR
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Greetings from Milan


Dated Titled



40 x 50 cm
16 x 19.69 in







2013 circa.

Unique work on sale by the contemporary artist Loris di Falco, who offers a personal interpretation of a past Duomo Square, where the owners of carriages and coaches are busy doing their everyday activities. The Dome and the Mengoni's Gallery dominate the vision, making themselves protagonist although in the background. The couple of the two architectural projects offers a synthesis of the essence of the city from Lombardia, which between past and present, always tends to the future. Realized with his typical technique of gum bichromate, Di Falco breathes life into the monuments he portrays, giving back to the eyes of the viewer a vision of the metropolis covered by a decadent patina.

1961 Milan, United States

Loris Di Falco was born in Milan, in 1961. In 1986 he graduates in painting at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera of Milan. Until 2000 he dedicates to design and painting activities, and the following year he founds the contemporary arts gallery Obraz. Since 2011 he is arts dealer, events curator, and artist.
The technique he uses for the realization of his works consists in a printing process named gum bichromate, which results from the preparation of a paper brished with a mixture of: arabic vegetal gum melted in water, potassium dichromate, and a coloured soil.
Every image is hand-made, and generates a unique exemplar never perfeclty reproducible. The subjects of his work are taken from urban landscape of his city, Milan: buldings and monuments come alive, and give back to the public a Decadent vision of the metropolis.

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