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The End Of Summer_La Finestra



From the series The End Of Summer



50 x 50 cm
19.69 x 20 in







The End of The Summer.
La giostra è stata già smontata e i suoi cavalli messi al riparo, le porte delle cabine sono sbarrate, il tavolo da ping pong è messo mestamente in un angolo, le altalene penzolano immobili, dalle docce non scende più acqua. Loredana Celano si aggira fra le spiagge dell’Emilia Romagna alla fine della stagione, quando i villeggianti sono già andati via ma le strutture turistiche non sono ancora state del tutto smantellate. Lo fa con un lavoro delicato e rigoroso attraversato da un’atmosfera melanconica dove ogni elemento serve a evocare un percorso poetico.

The merry-go-round has already been dismantled and its horses stowed away, the doors of the cabins are barred, the ping pong table is sadly placed to the side, the swings dangle motionless, no more water falls from the showers. Loredana Celano wanders around the beaches of Emilia Romagna at the end of the season, when the vacationers have left but the tourist facilities have not yet been completely dismantled. Se does through delicate and rigorous work embued with a melancholic atmosphere, where every element serves to evoke a poetic journey.

Fine Art Print Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308
50 × 50 cm
Edition 2/7 + 2AP

I live and work mainly in Milan but my research leads me to travel often. I collaborate with photo agencies and newspapers.

1969 Milan, Italy

Born in Milan in 1969. Freelance photographer, she collaborates with several photo agencies and newspapers such as Corriere della Sera, Repubblica, La Stampa, NG Italy. She deals with Social,  Landscape, and Portrait.

In 2011 she exhibited the project “Via Padova: we all do the same road“, photographs included in the book published in December 2017 by Uliano Lucas “Via Padova and surroundings: identity and history of Milanese outskirts“. Between 2015 and 2018 she signed 10 reportage commissioned by Corriere della Sera on Young Europe.

She has exhibited her photographic works in numerous solo and group exhibitions. It is part of the Italian Women Photographers Association.
She lives and works in Milan.

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Milan, Via Curtatone, 4

Established in 2015 and located in the fashionable Milan’s city center, Expowall Gallery is a fine-art gallery focused on the representation of contemporary Italian photographers who mostly worked on landscape and architectural photography. The aim of Expowall, founded by Pamela Campaner and Alberto Meomartini, is to present and promote the Italian contemp...

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Matters Pink.4


30 x 40 cm

700,00 €

Fall #2


99.06 x 187.96 x 5.08 cm




32 x 24.5 cm