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3250 EUR

Listen to the wind blow


Single piece Signed Dated Titled



150 x 140 x 3.5 cm
59.06 x 55 x 1.38 in







Acrylic on canvas, 2022.

Certificate of authenticity.

, United States

American-born artist Lloyd Tabing has worked for over twenty years as a contemporary abstract painter. Lloyd is a self-taught artist whose paintings are widely collected and can be found in private and corporate collections and exhibited in esteemed galleries internationally.

Tabing’s contemporary paintings are distinctive and powerful yet provide a sense of elegance and simplicity. Often large in scale, Lloyd’s paintings are a representation of his view of nature. His inspiration comes from myriad sources including his current life in Jonkoping, Sweden and even from the contrasting landscape of his upbringing in Kansas, USA. This creates a unique dichotomy – the extreme emotion and controlled chaos evocative of the lush verdant forests of Sweden contrasted with the simplicity and subtlety of a more nuanced Kansas landscape.

Lloyd’s paintings conceal as much as they reveal by intertwining gestural marks, textures and fields of color that lure the viewer in, tempting one to get lost in thought and emotion. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Lloyd often begins a painting by reducing an idea to its simplest forms of lines and marks. As the painting develops, he reacts spontaneously, almost reflexively, to what is happening on the canvas. This process combined with Lloyd’s use of deliberate, bold brushstrokes creates uncomplicated yet powerful paintings.

Lloyd feels being a self-taught artist allows him to approach each painting with an uninhibited, purely authentic style that continues to evolve. Lloyd loves to paint and leaves his heart and soul in every painting. He enjoys talking about his art but feels he communicates most strongly through his art – preferring to have the paintings do his talking, sharing feelings and emotions that he says he could never put into words.

Artist Statement

"My paintings are inspired by the sense of space, both from the natural and built environment. They are an extension of my experiences, emotions and thoughts to those environments. In todays overwhelmingly hectic world I search for simplicity in my environment. I do this by reducing my environment into its simplest forms of lines, color and movement. It is these elements that provide me direction.

I often begin a painting by using chalk to make simple markings of an idea. I then spray the canvas with water, removing any semblance of the initial idea. From there I begin to add color, relishing in the feeling of moving paint over the canvas. While getting lost in the process I continue to add and scrape away paint, draw into the painting freely giving way to my emotions and what is happening on the canvas. I appreciate those times when I am completely lost in the act of painting. For me, it is those uninhibited times of painting that allow my paintings to become alive.

Painting has allowed me to express myself in ways that I cannot do in words. Every painting contains a part of me and contains my voice. The best feeling I get from talking to people about my art is hearing them express what the painting represents to them. Not necessarily what they may see but more importantly what they feel." - Lloyd Tabing


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