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1650 EUR

Sharing hearts


Single piece Signed Dated Titled



80 x 80 x 2 cm
31.50 x 32 x 0.79 in







The painting is signed by the artist on the front. It is also signed, dated and titled on the back.


The five hearts is a standard piece of waffles in Norway.

1974 Oslo, Norway

Line Marsdal has a distinctive urban expression in her work. The rough style gives associations to worn brick walls and the way the people are presented, states a focus of seeing
from the outside in. Either in to other people's lives, or in time in to their own memories. Or in to the future.
The inspiration often comes from details and systems in urban environments, herd mentality and the unwritten rules of acceptance.
And everyday life. With a love for unusual combinations and contrasts.
Marsdal often introduce you to the people in her work seen from the side or from the back. This draws focus to the storytelling and the emotion of the work, without letting you read the faces. The title is the clue, the rest is up to you to fill inn. 

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Oslo, Grünersgate 3

Purenkel gallery is an independent and colourful art gallery located in the heart of Oslo, Norway. Dedicated to the urban art vibes, - focusing on original acrylic paintings, limited edition digital art on paper and ceramic sculptures. The gallery collaborates with selected artists that offer unique eye candy for the heart, the soul and the wall. Art is foo...

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Excuse me comin thru


137 x 190 cm

5770,13 €