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The Sunset Moth





76 x 76 cm
29.92 x 30 in







Oil on wood panel

, United States

"I am an oil painter based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. My ambition is to try and capture the fleeting moments in life using this medium as an opportunity to see the world with a more interesting and colorful perspective. To stay present and aware by seeing the extraordinary in the mundane, challenging the insignificant versus the significant, and at the end of the day creating a deeper connection with the world around me.Living in a densely populated, bustling, urban environment has had a tremendous influence on the development of my work. Every day I bring something unexpected back to the studio, fueling the exploration of new ideas, tools and techniques, while continuously questioning how, what and why to paint.Just as my subjects and use of pigment are ever-evolving, so is the reason to create something in the first place. And the further I explore, the clearer it's become.... To see the things I might have missed, to preserve and remember the moments that will never return, and to encourage others to do the same... Because ALL of it is important... The quiet, the chaotic, the unremarkable, the extraordinary, the marvels of nature, the day to day things, etc... All of it is life, and all of it is significant. It's just all in how we look at it."

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Denver, CO, 1261 Delaware Suite 2

Abend Gallery was established in 1990 and offers an extensive collection of fine art from fresh, contemporary works to traditional, representational painting by local, national, and internationally recognized artists. We are located in the Golden Triangle Museum District, two blocks West of the Denver Art Museum. This space is shared with Gallery 1261....

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25 x 45 x 3 cm

2650,00 €

Hong Kong & Barcelona


160 x 100 x 4 cm

2000,00 €