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5100 EUR

Fire Hunt


Single piece Signed Dated



200 x 150 cm
78.74 x 59 in







59“ x 78.7“ / 150 x 200 cm

Acrylic on canvas


1965, Lithuania

One of the most known Lithuanian artists Linas Liandzbergis (b. 1965), invites viewers into a troubling parallel world, which is full of weird harmony. Artist is known for his audio/visual installations, performances, video works, and painting style, leaning towards abstract expressionism, post-abstraction, and pop-art accents. His artworks are full of conceptual ideas, well-thought philosophical irony and the interconnection of the different times and worlds.

Artworks presented at Bougie Art Gallery are mostly coming from his surrealistic landscape series, which are disturbed by abstract insertions, which the artist calls “stickers.” This series’ landscape seems to be calm and full of poetic mood, painted in a highly precise manner. The “sticker” part is the opposite - it shouts loudly and wildly with pop-art style, vivid colours and looks like a glitch in the matrix - it seems like a mistake or an irregularity, something that is not supposed to happen in this place. This way artist is showing our contemporary world, which not always can be understood fully and asks more questions than gives specific answers. Everything becomes a gray area - where the world seems to be stable, based on science and facts, but this foundation is becoming intervened with questionable ideas and dogmas.

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Toronto, -

Bougie Art Gallery is an emerging art gallery platform. The term ‘bougie’ meaning goes into urban lives, celebrating art lovers and their impact on the art world. Bougie Art Gallery represents emerging and well-known artists whose artworks are representing the contemporary world, diving deeply into its meaning, dictating, imitating, and criticizing urban...

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71 x 60 x 2.5 cm

1800,00 €



81.3 x 101.6 cm

3403,01 €

Performing the Goddess 6


56 x 81 cm

3680,00 €