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Single piece Signed



120 x 60 cm
47.24 x 24 in







Oil on canvas

1963 Qingdao, China

During Liu Guo Rui's childhood, he was amazed by the daily routine of the fisherman as they sailed away, fading into the horizon. He was astonished that these boats were able to disappear into the ocean - mystifying his imagination and influencing his creativity. He wondered how the fragile vessels despite their feeble structures, were able to survive the challenges of the unknown mysteries of the seas. Of course, this had a great influence in his later life.

At 18, he entered the prestigious China Central Academy of Fine Arts, where he graduated with honours and carried on to a high profile career, in the contemporary Chinese Modern Movement.

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Blue Rider

Paintings 80 x 80cm

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Paintings 220 x 220cm

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London, 2578, Davenport House, 207 Regent St.

Since the beginning of time, humanity has recorded its existence in some sort of artistic form. These expressions have been the source of much that we know of how we perceive and experience our existence. From the sacrificial wonders of Montezuma, the exquisite and opulence of the Egyptians, the endless legacy of the Greeks, the splendor of the Roman Empire,...

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