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Roses for dessert


Single piece Signed Titled



60 x 90 x 3 cm
23.62 x 35 x 1.18 in




Acrylic , Paintings



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Original art by Lesia Danilina.
Abstract acrylic painting on canvas "Roses for dessert".

"Flowers are the remnants of heaven on earth."
Each of my paintings in this series looks as if a little piece of color appeared by chance, formed into a composition in a miraculous way, but may disappear again at any moment.

With an increasingly accelerating routine, there is a growing need to spend quality moments in our home and find the peace we need to face the next day.

Find joy in the colours and textures of this collection. Find comfort in the natural raw canvas that serves as the base for these paintings. Find peace in the softness of the gentle shades of the acrylic fills.

This is my attempt to bring an inner warmth and romance to your spaces, creating artwork that allows you to be present in the moment and enjoy the piece it can bring.

A bright abstract and floral painting will make a nice addition to your collection of original paintings. Certificate of authenticity included. Original painting is painted on stretched raw canvas. Painting is signed on both sides - front and back.

1991 Alanya, Turkey

Lesia Danilina is a young talented artist who lives in Turkey. 

Artist statement: "Globally, the theme of my art is Healing and Mental Health. I talk about the state of mind of modern man in an era of global change and traumatic events. In my art, I propose to explore the causes of discomfort (Essentialism series) and to see ways to peace (Moments and Beige feelings).  In doing so, I want to deepen Herman Rorschach's research on the interpretation of stains and personality characteristics of emotional states in the key of specifically healing from negative experiences.
To reflect this theme, I use acrylic and soak-stain, and mostly uncoated canvas. Initially, I only have stain and color in my arsenal. And then I can only use the art of composition, knowledge of color psychology, and physics of materials (using different mediums for acrylics, water pours, texture pastes, and ground coffee). 
I create my abstractions meticulously thinking through each stain and color. To structure the work in abstract art is to conduct chaos. But at the same time, I am constantly in dialogue with my material, allowing it to guide me, thereby holding the balance. With a subtle intuitive understanding of how this works and influences the viewer, it can make a wonderful statement. It is resonant, succinct, and profound. 
I believe that healing work can take place through abstract works because it is when observing abstract paintings that the subconscious mind actively begins to work. I guide the viewer through experiences that have become healing for me and give support on the difficult path to inner harmony."

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