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57 x 76 cm
22.44 x 30 in

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Mixed media on paper

About the Artist

, Italy

Lello Masucci is an artist who works using different media supports, he combines various pictorial techniques, even digital. His artistic experience started in 1970 with pivotal meeting for his training, such as with Julian Beck and Judith Malina from Living Theatre. His 1976 performance “Cubo identità: dimensione documento ” is present in the Mario Franco’s video about neapolitan avant-gardes present at Museum of San Martino and in some videos archives. Since 1980 he works again on pictorial research especially with artworks based on mixed technique and great dimension. Rebel spirit, before important exhibitions in Europe such as the collective in the gallery “Il Milione” in Milan and the solo in Rome in Sylvia Franchi’s gallery with the presentation of Filiberto Menni he refuses to partecipate in XI Rome’s Quadriennale for the section “Ricognizione sud”. He exposed in different gallery such as Borgogna-Schubert in Milan and the Musée de Saint Paul de Vance. He winners the Marsala’s award. He participates in Biennale del Sud- Accademia delle belle arti di Napoli with a great work based on painting and installation: “Sacchi di notti napoletane”. He is selected for the exhibition: “Gli ultimi40 anni della scultura a Napoli-Palazzo Reale di Napoli 1986”. He is greatly appreciate by critics and historians of art in Japan and for the Expo in Tokio it was held a solo in an area of 200 mq. Already in the early 1990s implements one of the first internet provider in southern Italy: dim, today disappeared. It begins with pioneering research on the aesthetic possibilities of communication and its implications on a possible theory of Electronic Literature. Pioneer in Italy on these research, studying a variety of programming languages: Python, Lingo, Java, C, C++, PHP, Html, xml, javascript, actionscript, etc. In addition to the study of digital processing programs such as: Photoshop, Premiere, Final Cut, Director, Flash, File Maker, Blender, Archicad, xPress, InDesign, Illustrator, FreeHand, etc. His research results are strongly related to the theatrical concepts of interactivity in both analog and digital. In 2000 presents the Maschio Angioino in Charles V an installation based on internet connections that brings a scene on the net (theatre play) that takes place simultaneously in Naples and New York: “On the airs”. Lello Masucci creates software such as Scene 1.0, Fabulandia, and games: horses racing. He planned the website that collects all his works and particularly his last work about electronic literature which is one of the most popular scholar in Italy. In 2009 he exhibited in a solo show at PAN (Palazzo delle arti di Napoli) a series of works that he defines hybrid nature because it borrows analog and digital techniques. Among these there was the great worldwide success “Poem night red” which is made by internet users through a software implementation, and that gives rise to a series of works on paper and a video installation at the same time on two European markets, Naples and Barcelona during the e-poetry 2009. He takes part in some events for 53° Biennale di Venezia with Caterina Davinio. In 2014 he plans and creates OLE.01 the first international festival of digital art that takes place in the Royal Palace of Naples and in other important places in Campania. In 2016 he opens the space Lello Masucci art studio – deposit of contemporary art in Palazzo Spinelli Via Tribunali 362. Starts a new cycle for his painting.

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Naples, Via Cappella Vecchia 8/ a

The gallery AICA | Andrea Ingenito Contemporary Art – established in Naples in 2008, located near the central Piazza dei Martiri, that has always been a reference point for the most important and historical Neapolitan galleries and an historic meeting-place for international artists such as Keith Haring, Andy Warhol and Joseph Beuys, since 2013 with a seco...

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Drawings & Works on Paper

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