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From the series "1816"








66.5 x 80 cm
26.18 x 32 in


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  • About the work

Archival pigment print on Hahnemuhle cotton paper mounted on aludibond, gold leaf frame

I reworked the ancient paintings and oil portraits on canvas retrive from the web. I them analyzed and extrapolated detail from the ruined parts and presented them in the form of printing, thus fusing painting with fine art printing. The result is a painting without matter and photography without shooting. 

The project examines the early 19th century and, in particular, the events of 1816 which have significant parallels with the unpredictable climate of today. It was the year without summer, a natural disaster which occured during a longer period named the 'Little Ice Age'. The historian John D. Post named it "the last great subsistence crisis in the Western world". 

The high levels of ash in the atmosphere (which is suggestive of the light in Turner's paintings), the spread of epidemics, destruction of crops, death of livestock and heavy snowfall in the summer of that year, forced people to stay in their homes. These extreme conditions fortuitously led to a prolific period for two of the greatest writers of the epoch: Mary Shelley and John Polidori who, forced to remain indoors, competed over who would write the scariest story. From this arose two of the darkest literary works in history: Frankenstein and The Vampyre

About the Artist

1974 Naples, Italy

Lamberto Teotino deals with visual arts, his investigation develops mainly on the analysis and nature of the image, examining its perceptual mechanisms. The first experiments touched on painting, sculpture and traditional photography, but in advancing his professional career, Teotino worked to overcome the canons of mere visual documentation, looking for new possibilities, unexplored and unexpected, arriving at the perceptive alteration of the image and to video art. Through careful, thoughtful, methodical study, not without a dose of randomness and magic, the artist achieves in his works a balance between reality, made of suggestions, sounds, colors, smells, sensations, emotions, and illusions, the paradoxes, ambiguities, created by the philosophical, mathematical, scientific elements.

The use of photography, the technical conceptual interventions on archival images, the philosophical approaches of the image in the form of visual-installation communication represent the artist's modus operandi, which seeks the dissemination of meaning, paradox, the conditions of perceptual alteration and a new conceptual design, as a sort of metaphysical shift, a deviation. It is an archive work, the one carried out by Lamberto Teotino, in search of photographs, works of art, historical testimonies, but it is also a work of continuous observation of the world around us, of references drawn from real life, from passions, from music, from cinema.

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66.5 x 80 cm

4500,00 €


66.5 x 80 cm

4500,00 €

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