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Orlando. A Biography 20


Signed Dated Titled

From the series Orlando. A Biography



90 x 60 cm
35.43 x 24 in






Prints , Photography , Graphic Work

Laisvydė Šalčiūtė creates paintings, artistic installations, artistic objects, photographs, graphics, drawings, literary texts. The series ‘Orlando. A Biography’, have been realized in 2011 and consist of 29 silk screen prints.

This series of works are homonymous with Virginia Woolf’s novel ‘Orlando. A Biography’ of 1928. The protagonist of the novel is not subject to gender or time constraints and lives a life of oscillating sex through the ages. In this series of artworks artist was interested in transforming reality into a traumatic phantasm or a dream in a dream. From random images and quotations resourced from the Internet, artist has fabricated visual puns on distance, scarcity, desire and images of disintegrating identity and illusion as existing in indefinite time and space. A (photo) novel ‘ORLANDO. A BIOGRAPHY’ is inspired by the idea of the relativity of gender, but is no longer directly related with the original literature work. Nor does it necessarily have anything to do with our reality, but rather complements and extends its perception.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Laisvydė Šalčiūtė was born in Kaunas, graduated from Vilnius M.K. Čiurlionis Art School and holds PhD, MA and BA in Visual Arts from the Vilnius Academy of Arts.

Laisvydė Šalčiūtė produces painting, drawings, prints, artistic objects, installation, photography and literary texts. The artist has held over 40 personal exhibits and took part in over a hundred group shows in Lithuania and abroad. The artist was awarded by the Lithuanian Government Culture and Art Award, given by the Lithuanian government for special merits and a significant contribution to culture and arts. She is the winner of the prize established by Lithuanian Artists' Association; she received the individual grants from the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture for six times. Her works can be found in the collections of the Istituto Centrale per la Grafica in Rome, Lithuanian Art Museum in Vilnius, Lewben Art Foundation in Vilnius, MO Museum in Vilnius, National M.K. Čiurlionis Art Museum in Kaunas, as well as many private collections throughout Lithuania and abroad.

After showing the works in Verona Art fair in 2018 the artist was selected as the best proposal and invited by Palazzo Ducale di Mantova (IT) museum for the exhibition 'Coming Out' with Italian sculptor Gehard Demetz in 2019.

The founding idea of Laisvydė Šalčiūtė’s art is that our feelings are shaped culturally – we ‘learn’ them. Such emotions mould individual human beings and guide their social actions, influencing their intuition, sensations, experience. In her artwork, the artist recreates reality by revisiting the cultural and social context, inspired by her authentic emotional response to it. Her art is self-ironically emotional and inter-textual. The artist explores the phenomenon of post-emotionality of the Western world of nowadays. Artist often practices artistic appropriation in her works. She uses the secondary reality for her artworks – she creates new meanings by taking images from different contexts and redefining them in paradoxical principal.

In 2021, Šalčiūtė was just announced the 3rd place winner of the prestigious Luxembourg Art Prize.


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