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Three pasta




70 x 50 cm
28 x 19.69 in







acrylic and spray on paper

1985 Tricase, Puglia, Italy

Eleonora De Giuseppe, in art La Pupazza, is an artist from Salento, born in Tricase in 1985 with a degree at DAMS in Bologna. Her stage name was created in 2008, when she began to realize her first street artworks in South Italy. Her style is unique and recognizable: an original, dreamlike and magic art. The murales and artworks are psychedelic and tell us about a brilliant world, in infinite bubbles of bright colors which communicate her great desire to live. She realized exhibitons in Italy and Europe, like Düsseldorf, Paris, and Amsterdam. 

The artist said:

When I was a child, before to go to spleep, I moved my finger in the air, drawing for hours. One day my father told me that he looked at me curious and asked me: "what are you doing?" "I am drawing, can't you see that?", I answered with a puzzled tone, like if anyone could see all the figures in the air. Today, like in the past, I live intensely these moments, when I paint I am part of these magic spaces. The "Human Jugs", the grinder that transforms roses in strawberries and pyramids in skyscrapers, the sauce becomes wine, the plate of pastasciutta that becomes a lady called, Asciutta Pasta. I often find in the paradoxes the true. And the world, seeing on the contrary, is so much beautiful.

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Ultimo Decennio


22 x 18 x 2 cm

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