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Here I am II




27 x 63 x 13 cm
10.63 x 25 x 5.12 in







Here I am II Bronze Sculpture Figurative Abstract Geometric In Stock

1950 Kortrijk, Belgium

KOBE, pseudonym of Jacques Saelens, was a Belgian artist (Kortrijk, Belgium 1950 – Saint-Julien (Var), France 2014). He combined the broad with sophistication. Two themes dominated his artworks: the female figures, in all its mystery and simplicity, not as those we know from fashion magazines and movies. His other favourite theme is the horse. Not only because it is a symbol of connection, companionship, and strength. We also owe a lot to the horse. Its history runs parallel with that of man (in labour and in battle, in sporting entertainment, in defeats and victories). Kobe developed his artistic vision by travelling around the world. Kobe has always been fascinated by the ancient cultures in Central America, South America, Africa and Asia. All his sculptures are therefore preceded by a long journey of passion, awareness, and study. Kobe created his own style of sculptures that are instantly recognizable. Kobe was in constant search of beauty, simplicity, and purity. He did not inject his art with hidden meanings. His works of art brought feelings to life for the world to enjoy: love, happiness, friendship, and affection. Since 1995, Kobe has lived and worked in Pietrasanta (Italy), the famous and historic international centre for marble and bronze artists, close to the bronze foundries and close to the Carrara marble quarries.

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Utrecht, Oudegracht 338 - 340

Morren Galleries, was founded in 1993 by Eric Morren. The gallery is located in Utrecht at the Oudegracht 340 between the Dom Tower and the Central Museum. Since its founding Morren Galleries represents established and upcoming artists from the Netherlands and the rest of the world. At Morren Galleries quality and authenticity are concidered of essential ...

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