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40.5 x 29.7 cm
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Pencil and watercolor on paper

1982 , Belgium

Born in Malinas, Belgium, 1982 Drawing is of vital importance in the artistic creations of Klaas Vanhee, which he combines on occasion with other disciplines such as sculpture or installation. He lives in Ghent and is a graduate from the LUCA art school, where he obtained a master’s degree in Visual Arts with the speciality of Painting. Subsequently he studied a postgraduate degree at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts (HISK) of Ghent. He has exhibited in various individual and collective projects in art centres of Belgium, Germany, and Spain and also at the Biennial Exhibition in Moscow; his work is impregnated with a deep physicality. Interested in matters such as reverberation and memory, he uses his own body as a vehicle for action to stress the importance of gesture and the expressionist character of his compositions, which often reflect the meaning of the drawing itself, underlining the immediacy of the medium.

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Madrid, Doctor Fourquet 2

Galería Silvestre opened its doors in Tarragona and Madrid in 2014. The gallery aspires to become a meeting place where up-and- coming creation lives together with the freshest contemporary reflection. The galleries are working together, combining exhibitions in order to create a continuous curatorial approach. After a well-planned search, the gallery has p...

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Skid Row


25.4 x 35.6 cm

419,11 €