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Past and Present (2)


Single piece Dated Titled



90 x 120 cm
35 x 47.24 in







Khin’s newest works bring more abstract elements to buddhism where the buddha image is no longer clear. Instead it appear as a circle of blue or green light representing buddha’s past life, with again the pop out white or red flowers representing Myanmar people’s belief in buddha nowadays and a glimmer of hope. (This artwork was stretched)

1980 Laputta, Irrawaddy Division, Myanmar

Khin Zaw Latt graduated from the University of Culture, majoring in painting in Myanmar. At an early age, he started to show his talent by getting awards. His series, called Buddha Series, includes the most noticeable artworks among all before 2020. Since he came from Myanmar, which is a country very faithful to Buddha and the relative traditions and religious practices, Buddha has been an important inspiration for his paintings. The artist does not view Buddha as a God, but a man who was deeply spiritual, philosophical and morally correct. Khin follows Buddha principles because he sees their benefits to society, thanks to its philosophical guidance, which are a reference point for people.

What is interesting to know is that Khin divided Buddha's paintings into five stages, experimenting different colours and various forms of buddha images and representations. Thanks to these artworks, he creates some blurring and abstract effects that give a mysterious feeling to the viewers. Moreover, he loves scatter his canvas with small and interesting stamps of buddha which make his paintings unique. The last two stages of the process to create Budda's paintings, combine tradition and modern abstraction, because the paintings always create an aura so intriguing or meditative to the viewers, which is a fascination that brings together culture, religion and imagination.

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