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900 EUR

Landscape 9


Single piece Signed Dated Titled Framed



21 x 27.9 cm
8.27 x 11 in




Drawings & Works on Paper , Photography



photo print on paper, charcoal, oil on transparent paper, glass fibers

1956 Seoul, Korea, Democratic People's Republic of

Kejoo Park, herself a traveller between continents, inner and outer places, painterly approaches themes such as home, memory, longing, demolition and new beginnings. In the duality of her pictures, she creates units out of contrasts. With her visual language she brings together inner and outer world, end and beginning, thus reminding us of the Romantics who strove to dissolve opposites. Finite or infinite? Dream or reality? The boundaries may be fluid.

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Berlin, Schönleinstr. 25

In 2012 Anna Franek launched the Anna25 project in Munich. The exhibition project held a 25- hour exhibition every three months, always on the twenty-fifth of the month, in different locations. In the same year the gallery owner moved into her permanent exhibition space in Berlin Kreuzberg with the Anna25 gallery. The focus of the Anna25 gallery is on esta...

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Great Depression 5


50 x 40 cm

550,00 €

Coming Home


100 x 80 x 3 cm

5000,00 €