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500 EUR

Beach houses


Dated Titled



50 x 40 cm
19.69 x 16 in







, Norway

Karin Ann Hellerud's paintings are both classic and contemporary, reflecting decades of diverse art classes. Meticulous oil paintings have been leading up to a free hand in acrylics, sometimes mixed with granular paste for substance and dimension. The painting may start as a study of colours only, with forms emerging along the process. Other days there may be a naturalistic work to be abstracted with fresh layers of paint. Karin Ann lives and works in a small community by the sea, but her landscapes are always more than a specific place. The nordic light – and darkness, provide space and drama enough to trigger her imagination. Elements and atmospheres are always close by, and words from a book or song lyrics set her mind in motion. Karin Ann's hope is that the viewers may also find their own mental stories and images in the pictures she is portraying. She prefers the paintings to communicate, without very specific titles.

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Treviso, Via Campania 5

CONTEXT ART GALLERY is an international art gallery specialized in contemporary art. The gallery is dedicated to the promotion of established and mid-career contemporary artists, with a special focus on abstract, non-figurative art, photography and sculpture. In a time when fast communication and media have a direct impact upon our lives, the gallery conce...

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Sin título


140 x 150 cm



25.4 x 20.32 cm

850,90 €