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Between Two Different Cultures(One out of 12 Pieces) Discover the best available selection of paintings by the artist Kanaid Silsat. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness! Kooness
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Between Two Different Cultures(One out of 12 Pieces)


Dated Titled

From the series Full Series of 12 Pieces



30 x 30 cm
12 x 11.81 in







The is one piece of a full series of 12 pieces. This series of paintings were made by Kanaid with inspiration from the Songkarn Festival at Isan(northeastern region of Thailand). They were made with mix media (sequins, beads, gold threads, gauze pieces, oil paint) on canvas. The figures and the materials used are clear representations of traditional Thailand, to be composed in a conceptual way with vibrant colours of red-and-green. According to Kanaid, his inspiration was from the “sand pagoda and [my wish] to represent for the lord Buddha at Isan festival which held every year from 13-15 April in northeast Thailand…sand pagoda for Buddha will be built in the belief that this will give them[people] happiness in both present and next lives…, the elephant represents national animal of Thailand, as well as my name in Hindi that means Ganesha that means god of art.” (To be sold as a full series of 12 pieces at USD 30000, all 12 pieces were stretched)

1958 Roi-et Province, Thailand

Kanaid Silsat obtained his Master in Education at the University of Baroda, in 1983. After teaching and practicing arts for more than 30 years, he obtained his PhD, in Ancient and Asians Study, at Magadh University (India), in 2009. This experience gave him strong inspiration in his creation. Currently, he is an assistant professor in arts in Khon Kaen University, in Thailand. His artworks are concerned with the essential value systems that lie at the core of his culture. He is focused on preserving cultural traditions facing the current influence and challenges of global culture. Additionally, he re-interprets the traditions and cultural symbols through contemporary techniques.

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