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Detail of a wooden chair, Ada. Rio Negro Palace (Petropolis, Brazil), Ibram, Minc


Dated Titled Framed


50 x 70 cm
19.69 x 28 in






Photography , Prints

Silver print mounted on dibon, white wood frame, museum glass.
Ed. 1/5.

1984 Paris, France

Born in 1984. Lives and works in Paris.

Julien Spiewak completed a master’s degree after studying photography at the Paris VIII University. He’s an artist, photographer, researcher who questions the relations between photography and the human body as an artistic expression. Since 2005 he works on the series Corps de Style, which takes place inside museums and private collections in France and abroad. The inventory he makes is precise, except for one thing – a body part that intrudes in the set. He explores the strange confrontation between antique furniture and the nudity of the skin, the intrusion of an element that awakes a surrounding frozen in time.

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Geneva, 23, rue des Bains

​​​Espace_L Gallery opened in 2011, designed to be a reference point for contemporary art. It intends to interact in specific areas by presenting international renowned artists as well as offering taylor-made meetings and talks in a reading atmosphere towards arts. Espace _L is an open minded environment of art where visitors will have the oppo...

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81.3 x 101.6 cm

3385,57 €



29 x 21 cm