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Angela, Imogen and Miranda, Lockdown Day 64

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Angela, Imogen and Miranda, Lockdown Day 64

From the series Looking Out from Within








101.6 x 76.2 cm
40.00 x 30 in


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Medium: C-Type print.

Also available in large size: 101,6 x 137 cm, edition of 7


ANGELA, IMOGEN and MIRANDA, Lockdown Day 64

How has Covid-19 affected you and your lives?
In April 2019, I booked a holiday to the Philippines ( my mother's home country) for my daughter Miranda, 15 and myself for April 2020. My 18 year old daughter Imogen was staying because she had to revise for her A- levels. I also booked plane trips to a couple of fabulous islands and then spending Easter with my Philippine family and relations. Then COVID19 happened and the world changed. All our holiday trips were cancelled. We were naturally gutted.

I run a business in West London - I teach ballet to children and adults in 2 different studios and schools in the area. When our world changed because of SARS-CoV2, I had a few days to work out what to do and set up online Zoom classes.
With no experience in teaching “virtually” online I had to just give it my best shot for my students! To my total surprise the majority of my students returned to class, I also have had new interest from children and adults from other areas of London and around the UK. I am now teaching from the ages of 2.5 to 80 !!! The classes have been a real lifesaver for me during lockdown. Just seeing my students dancing at home puts the biggest smile on my face and inspires me every day, they are such a joy. I think without them my lockdown would have been very different.

I haven’t missed rushing around town all day, I have appreciated the simple things and loved slowing down! I do miss the interaction in the studio with my students. I miss the London night life and culture - restaurants, bars, theatre and my museums. I miss family, friends and travel. But all this will return and I know the next chapter will be just amazing! “Virtual” teaching is now part of my repertoire.

Meditation has helped me a great deal with how to approach life in lockdown and it’s even helped me feel grateful during these difficult times. This experience has only made me more committed, positive, dedicated and most of all resilient! This time has opened my eyes and given me more opportunities. As I keep telling myself ‘tough times don’t last but tough people do!’

IMOGEN, 18 years old

After being told we are in lockdown and having my A-levels cancelled I knew I would have lots of spare time and was so unsure of how to manage it. At the beginning of lockdown I felt very anxious as I wasn't sure what I was going to do stuck at home with my mum and little sister. After getting into the routine of lessons on Microsoft teams and constant FaceTimes with my best friend I felt responsible to use this time wisely. For me, this is expressing my creativity. I have been experimenting with different creative materials (what I can find) that I usually wouldn't try. I want to maintain this as it is fun for me and provides a sense of normality to my day-to-day routine. Moreover, I've had the pleasure of being with my younger sister 24/7. We have spent most of the time binging Netflix TV shows and bringing back old memories on Disney+.

MIRANA,15 years old

Covid-19 has affected me in many ways. Where do I start. I have had to adapt to learning online by logging into my daily lessons for class with my teachers. This hasn’t been easy especially as I have been waking up later than usual and it’s so much harder staying focused at home. I have had to spend a lot of time with my sister and not my friends but it hasn’t been too bad and we have had lots of fun - exploring more of our local parks and dyeing our hair blue and red! One thing that did upset me at the start of this crazy time was my cancelled trip to the Philippines. I had planned this trip with my Mum for a year and I don’t know when I will be able to visit again as I have My GCSEs next year.

About the Artist

1970 , Germany

Julia Fullerton-Batten is a worldwide acclaimed and exhibited fine-art photographer. Her body of work now encompasses twelve major projects spanning a decade of engagement in the field.

The foundation of her success was 'Teenage Stories' (2005), an evocative narrative of the transition of a teenage girl to womanhood. This and sequel projects portray the difficult stages and life situations of an adolescent girl's transition to womanhood as she grapples with the vulnerability of her teenage predicament – adjustments to a new body, her emotional development and changes in her social standing. Julia’s book ‘Teenage Stories’ was published in 2007*. 

Julia admits to a pronounced semi-autobiographical influence in much of her earlier work, often falling back on recollections of her own early and teenage years, living in Germany, the USA and the UK, her parent’s divorce, and her own early relationships.

Her more recent projects consider social issues, frequently covering controversial subject matter. For example, in ‘Feral Children, 2015’, Julia re-enacts fifteen reported historical cases of feral children. Using child actors, her re-enactments illustrate the tragic circumstances in which children were rejected or abused by their parents, got lost or were left in the wild, and yet others were captured by wild animals.

Her most recent project, ‘The Act', shot in 2016, is a comprehensive study of the performing and private lives of fifteen women active in the UK sex industry. Her still images are enhanced by interviews with the ladies, captured both in video and text. ‘The Act’ is now available in book form**. 

Fullerton-Batten was born in Bremen, Germany. Her early life was spent in Germany and the USA, but after her parent’s divorce she and her siblings moved to the UK. There she completed her secondary education, then studied photography at college. Subsequently she assisted professional photographers for five years before a first commercial assignment kick-started her career in 1995, and first gained recognition as a fine-art photographer in2005. 

Julia’s use of unusual locations, highly creative settings, street-cast models, accented with cinematic lighting are hallmarks of her very distinctive style of photography. She insinuates visual tensions in her images, and imbues them with a hint of mystery, which combine to tease the viewer to re-examine the picture, each time seeing more content and finding a deeper meaning. These distinctive qualities have established enthusiasts for her work worldwide and at all ends of the cultural spectrum, from casual viewers to connoisseurs of fine-art photography.

Fullerton-Batten has won countless awards for both her commercial and fine-art work, and is a Hasselblad Master. She was commissioned by The National Portrait Gallery in London to shoot portraits of leading people in the UK National Health Service. These are now held there in a permanent collection. Other images are also in permanent collection at the Musee de l'Elysee, Lausanne, Switzerland. She is widely interviewed about her projects by professional photographic magazines from around the world and is sought after as a speaker at international events and as a judge for prestigious international photographic competitions.

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