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Single piece Signed Dated Titled

From the series Flor's Particles



50.8 x 40.64 cm
20.00 x 16 in







Stains is an abstract piece from Flor's Particles series. It touches on the conceptual idea of microscopic dust particles which go on to create other universes, gallaxies and stars. What makes this painting even more interesting is that it was used as a background (the skies) in another series called Abstract Photo Reality, in a Stonehenge Study piece. That series combines familiar landmarks with an abstarction in the skies, the concept which was created by the artist in 2015. 

This painting is made on canvas board and the frame shown in picture is not included, but available if interested. 

1978 Earth, United States

JuanCarlos rLora is a conceptual painter, sculptor and storyteller. Almost all of his works communicate surreal narratives as well as philosophical and scientific theories. He tells stories and sometimes those stories require different styles of art, thus his work varies from one series to the next, but all intertwine and connect into a cohesive narrative, much like chapters in a book. These "chapters" are underlined by a common theme, to bring awareness and show ways to save our home, planet Earth. JuanCarlos has visually written a concept art story called 'Flor' which spanned over 15 years, encompassing various painting and sculpture series. His collectors are intrigued and drawn to his work, so much so that they often acquire a piece or two from each of the series, to then build the entire visual conceptual story in their homes. 

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Miami, 9705 NE 2nd Ave

Art to Save the Voiceless. Since 2006 ArtToSaveLives Contemporary sells JuanCarlos rLora's Conceptual Art and uses 100% of the profit to care for animals in need. The gallery's focus is on showcasing projects with professional mid-career artists and secondary market, with JuanCarlos being their staple resident artist. ArtToSaveLives Contemporary has been ...

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