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Mapa político de Europa

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Mapa político de Europa








110 x 80 cm
43.31 x 32 in


3000,00 €

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Vector drawing printed on cotton paper. Edition of 3.

About the Artist

1978 Soria, Spain

Juan José Martín Andrés (Soria, 1978) His work is based on documentation processes and collection of daily graphic elements such as newspapers, covers of books and magazines, newspaper headlines, comics, posters and street advertising graphics. His concerns about social and political issues are related to the contexts in which he lives.

His interest in graphic and printed visual culture is compatible with his work as a graphic designer, a profession he develops in parallel with his artistic work. He usually attends with his camera all the time, taking pictures of the graffiti of the electoral murals that are still valid, fences with names of music groups, trucks, signs, street stalls, handmade posters, common and everyday things, graphic that goes unnoticed. In recent years his work is based on the documentation of holders of Mexican political campaigns, graffiti, advertising, pages paid in the media, with the aim of working with the idea of nation, state and utopia that have occurred in the different electoral campaigns from Mexico City.

Part of several procedures that come from the traditional graphic but that its postulates are diluted in proposals such as installation, performance, intervention or video. His interests are focused on geography, the geopolitical, the border, the points of tension or conflict and how all this affects society. It is interested in how nations, states, borders have been constructed through history and how this and political and economic events and interests are shaping or determining the present. He is interested in the analysis to formulate and question what is happening around us, rewriting the map, decontextualizing the statements or updating concepts that need to be rescued from the unresolved past that remain current.

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Alicante, Calle Labradores, 17

Founded in 2001 and located in the historic center of the city of Alicante, Galería Aural has been setting up a project that is based on defending contemporary artistic practices working with artists whose speeches are based on a personal line of research and contemporary thinking, in dialogue between the local and the global. It reinforces the interest i...

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