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Drawings & Works on Paper



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Ink on paper.

1980 Huesca, Spain

Graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and a senior technician in artistic photography, he has made collective and individual exhibitions both in the field of photography and in painting in Spain, Finland, France or the Netherlands, focusing the last years in pictorial research.

Jorge understands the creative act as a way of building himslef, insofar as his implication is absolute; destruction and construction of psychic identity, understood as irremediably and voluntarily signifying structures. Jorge Vicén makes his drawings in ink on paper, meticulous, maniacal, subtly violent, without prior sketch and compulsively, with a record that has more of a vital instinct than a method and with the conviction that he prefers a world in which his Drawings exist.

Vicén explores the subconscious in works that become psychic landscapes in which he portrays himself at the same time that he challenges us. Vicé́n produces his works from an automatism that expands from the psychoanalytic exploration of the subconscious to the shamanism that seeks to transcend that self and to the distortion of symbols that moves between the situationist and the punk.

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Huesca, Plaza San Pedro 3

La Carbonería is an Art Space dedicated to the promotion of contemporary artists, emerging and established. The gallery focuses on contemporary art, with an special interest in exploring paper both as support aswell as matter itself of the artistic work throughout techniques such as printmaking, drawing, photography and other more experimental works....

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Landscape 2


30 x 40 cm

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