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Tauromaquia / Bullfighting


Single piece Signed Dated Titled Framed



116 x 89 cm
45.67 x 35 in







Joaquim Falcò (b. 1958, Spain) "Tauromaquia / Bullfighting" (2002)

Size with frame: 125 x 98 cm

1958 Manresa, Spain

Joaquim Falcó is an established Spanish artist, with a strong personality. He is a known painter with an honest and credible practice.

"The basis of his pictorial reasoning give an easy to identify and unique quality to his practice, distinguishing him from other contemporary artists.

The first foundation of his work is his eagerness to paint, his technique mastery and his creativity.
The second one is his inspiration: his favorite themes are referencing objects that surround us, everyday elements that take another dimension under his brush.
The third one is his taste for experimentation, supported by his knowledge and his admiration for 20th century avant-garde and the work of masters such as Picasso, Pollock, Miró or Matisse, as he considers himself their follower.
The third one is his usage of color, the sensuality it conveys and that gives a fascinating brightness to his paintings.
And finally, the fifth one is his emotional strength that he transfers in the painting with the mere strokes of is brush, with time and all its expressiveness.

The combination of all these elements engages Joaquim Falcó’s practice with tangible and essential values. His artworks have an aesthetic language that expresses an authenticity and his own, unique style. There’s an artistic strength that exudes from his artworks and that is easy to recognize from the first look."

- Violeta Izquierdo

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