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Arrivée du Présent


Single piece Signed Dated Titled


unique size

61 x 46 x 0.1 cm
24 x 18.11 x 0.04 in







Shipped in a tube; Acrylic on Canson paper 300 g; Artwork signed at the bottom right & countersigned on verso.

Born in 1983 in Chinon, France

Lives & works in Paris, France

Jérémie Rebourgeard is a young French artist devoted to abstraction on canvas and paper. Guided by spontaneity, he uses different pigments of acrylic, ink & pastels and mainly focuses on abstract subjects with harmonious and colorful topics. He is represented internationally by many operators as CATAWIKI or JASPER 52 for online auctions & is collected by numerous buyers in Asia, especially in China, Korea & Malaysia.

1983 Chinon, France

Jérémie Rebourgeard is a French artist born in 1983 who lives and works in Paris, France. He is entirely devoted to abstraction and paints on canvas or paper. Guided by spontaneity, he uses different pigments of acrylic, ink or pastels and mainly focuses on tragic and tremendous subjects with harmonious and colorful topics. He is collected by many collectors in France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Georgia, USA but also in Asia with numerous buyers in China, Korea & Malaysia.

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Galerie Bruno Massa based in Paris was founded in January 2013 and is dedicated to exhibiting the latest works of contemporary art. The gallery is devoted to promoting emerging artists worldwide, especially in Georgia but also in China and other Asian countries. In 2018, Galerie Bruno Massa opened a branch in Seoul, Korea & in July 2019, moved its primary ga...

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Deep purple


61 x 50 x 4 cm




38 x 36 x 5 cm

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