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Time to Begin... Again


Single piece Signed Dated Titled



76 x 91 x 4 cm
29.92 x 36 x 1.57 in







Color is an artists most valuable tool. It’s emotive qualities can be felt regardless of imagery and it allows the viewer to get a glimpse into the artists personality.

"I am a storyteller. I paint stories of my life and experiences. These visual stories are deeply personal, yet I feel the need to share them. By sharing these emotions and experiences, I hope to relate to others and consequently build relationships. My work is bright and optimistic, spontaneous and raw. It is meant to bring life to a space and happiness to those who view it. I am inspired by nature and humanity, serenity and chaos and the beauty that evolves from both."

, United States

Jennifer is an Abstract Expressionist painter known for her vibrant and ethereal work. With the use of bright, bold color, line work and references to nature, she paints pieces that allow her to share stories largely inspired by her surroundings. Her work embodies a playful yet thought provoking quality that makes the viewer want to know and see more. She finds it important to create work that allows the audience to explore each piece and create their own narrative and story based on her imagery.

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Kansas City, 2011 Baltimore Ave



37.1 x 54.4 cm

167,96 €