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Snowflake Drawing #4 (Poster)


Single piece


91.5 x 61 cm
36.02 x 24 in






Drawings & Works on Paper

Graphite, ink, carbon transfer, and watercolor on paper

1958 Seattle, United States

Jeffry Mitchell’s primary medium is ceramic and he is well versed in its traditions around the globe (references to Early American glazes, Pennsylvania Dutch pickle jars, asymmetrical Japanese aesthetic decisions and Chinese Foo Dogs abound). Mitchell takes a very direct approach to working, often eschewing refinements that commonly accompany many ceramic processes. The resulting pieces radiate an exuberant, unbridled immediacy. He feels that this unfettered approach is essentially relatable to our shared human experience. To explain this idea Mitchell talks about a fundamental familiarity with clay that we all carry with us from our formative years. Perhaps we came to it through playing as children making mud pies or maybe it was making pinch pots in elementary school, regardless he feels that clay is a material that is universally relatable at a very basic level. The imagery that he uses is also very accessible. Bears, elefants (he prefers ‘f’ to ‘ph’), bunnies and flowers appear over and over in his work and though they can be definitely be related to his own personal story he feels that these too spring from an early and universally familiar place. Throughout the work Mitchell seeks to tap into and broadcast a sense of vitality whether it be joyful or colored with more a complex mix of emotions. This throughline can been seen in the thick, dripping glazes, the unabashed appropriation of decorative motifs and an unmistakeable suffusion of playfulness.

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Portland, 925 NW Flanders Street

Opened in 1995, PDX CONTEMPORARY ART continues to be one of the Pearl District’s most forward-thinking commercial galleries. Representing artists both local and international, owner Jane Beebe strives to mix conceptual work with more personal offerings that are “both intellectually and visually satisfying.” The current space, designed by Brad Cloepfil ...

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36.8 x 45.7 cm

Greek Coastline with boat


80 x 80 x 2 cm

1250,00 €

Bon Jour


70 x 100 cm