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50 x 70 cm
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Oil on Canvas.

Marzulli art is mature and expresses an ecstatic and carnal feeling, made more incisive and touching by the technical perfection that distinguishes the artist. A lucid and lacerating expressive quality, an indefinable purity that takes on painting, a constant game of displacements, of role exchanges between the artist and the subject depicted. Friends, sisters, mothers and daughters reinforce the meaning of positive union, of salvific "sisterhood", alongside women who, beyond the delicacy of gestures, reveal themselves as indomitable warriors; while the soft colors and the indefinite backgrounds put the characters in limbo fairy, dreamlike, poised between reality and memory.

1977 Bari, Italy

Since she was a child, Jara Marzulli has always been fascinated by the figurative human aspects and she has been practicing her drawing skills using pencil and watercolors.
She graduated from the Bari Art School and subsequently specialied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari with honors.

Since 1998, she has been participating in exhibitions and competitions, immediately receiving awards and prizes such as the selection for the Morlotti Prize, Imbersago. Her pictorial style quickly becomes recognizable for its feminine and symbolic characteristics, its ritual gestures, bandages hiding significant parts of the body, seams, needles, painted threads that embroidering on the skin as well as for the unmistakable expressions on the faces, full of drama and pride.

Her work progresses with experimentation in video and performance. Her art becomes more mature and expresses an ecstatic and carnal feeling, which becomes incisive and moving thanks to the technical perfection distinguishing her paintings. The lacerating expressiveness, the incredible purity of her paintings and the constant displacements of roles between the artist and the subject depicted are some of the remarkable characteristics of Marzulli's work. Friends, sisters, mothers and daughters reinforce the meaning of positive union, of salvific "sisterhood", alongside women who reveal themselves as indomitable warriors, beyond the delicacy of their gestures; while the light colors and the unspecified backgrounds place the characters in a limbo, dreamlike, poised between reality and memory.

She exhibits for numerous prestigious biennials and art exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad. Her works are present in art galleries and museums such as Benaki in Athens and MacS, Contemporary Museum of Sicily, in Catania; further her works are published in numerous catalogs, paper and online magazines, books and art catalogs, where the curatorship, critical texts, reviews and dedicated poems have been signed by critics and curators including: Alessandra Redaelli, Adriana M. Soldini, Antonella Marino, Carolina Lio, Francesca Londino, Francesca Baboni, Flavia Lanza, Giacomo Maria Prati, Ivo Serafino Fenu, Ivan Quaroni, Lucio Barbera, Lori Adragna, Lorenzo Madaro, Micol di Veroli, Mauro Dadea, Massimo Nardi, Alberto Agazzani, Roberto Lacarbonara, Vittorio Sgarbi.

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Catania, Via San Michele 28

Not only a gallery but also a creative space that pulsates with the beating heart of Catania city and the young artistic milieu of Contemporary Art. The gallery opened in 2014 in Via San Michele thanks to the initiative of Art historian Aurelia Nicolosi, and it welcomes new generations of national as well international top-notch artists. Thanks to the pric...

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