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ED II No. 70/ 99


Single piece Titled Framed



5.4 x 8.6 cm
2.13 x 3 in







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Material Nail polish on paper.

Size with frame 26 x 32 cm.

2020 100 artworks by women artists in Germany, DE

1989 Munich, Germany

Janine Mackenroth, born in Munich in 1989, studied painting and graphics at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Munich (with Professor Axel Kasseböhmer) and at Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg (with Professor Anselm Reyle) and completed her studies in 2016 as a master scholar with diploma. At the 2010 entrance exam, she painted the picture of a bald eagle soaked in oil - a commentary on the exploded Deepwater Horizon drilling platform.

To draw attention to the hunger in the world and the waste of food was the topic of Janine Mackenroth's happening "Breaking Bread" (2012). At that time, she had 194 old bread loaves blown up - every three seconds. This is the interval in which an individual on earth dies of hunger. In 2013, she sprayed 4819.9 square meters of white biodegradable paint in the Olympic Park for the walk-in installation "One Second". The size of the ice surface that disappeared on average in the year due to climate change in the Arctic - per second. With her garbage bag prints series on canvas or paper in 2013/14 she deals with the seductive aesthetics of plastics as consumer good. Forms and shapes in the contemporary art, which would not be possible without this material, raise at the same time the question of what we leave behind after our decease.

Janine Mackenroth does not just want to paint pictures for painting's sake. She wants to have a reason why she creates art. This is why she draws attention to deficiencies that concern society, environment and likewise herself. Currently it is the imbalance between the sexes in the art world. Humor and lightness, that is important to her now, must have their space in it

Janine Mackenroth's recent work with nail polish and other cosmetics is to be understood as a commentary on a still male dominated art world. The shedding of gallons of expensive nail polish is a self-assured arising in front of this art world, poured out feminism on canvas. The materiality and conceptual organization of her work and projects seeks to challenge issues that affect equally society, environment and herself.

If there is anything like feminine connoted materials, nail polish is one of them. The occupation with decidedly feminine materials - also with eye shadow, rouge or lip stick – teases her. Janine Mackenroth wastes a lot on what women should use to make themselves "more beautiful". With that she wants to liberate women a little bit from this beauty dictate. Or at least to make them think about it for a short time. Janine Mackenroth's work with nail polish and other cosmetics should always be understood as a commentary on a still male-dominated art world. The shedding of gallons of expensive nail polish is a self-confident building in front of this art world, a loud "here I am". Paintings of poured out feminism. It was, among other things, a comment by Georg Baselitz, who claimed that women could not paint as well as men, who inspired Janine Mackenroth to work with nail polish and on her nail polish painting machines. Because she thought the sentence is so absurd. Chanel Germany has just commissioned her to create several nail polish images for the company's headquarter in Hamburg - with Chanel nail polish, of course.

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