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Die Salome Tafel


Signed Dated Titled


23 x 31 cm
9.06 x 12 in






Drawings & Works on Paper

Acryl on Paper

1945 Oberstdorf, Germany

Jan Peter Tripp is a German painter and graphic artist best known for his realist depictions of famous writers, animals, and places. His works are similar in theme and ideology to his good friend, the late writer W.G. Sebald, who he grew up with. Both Sebald’s and Tripp’s works deal with memory and the residue of history on the present. Born on May 15, 1945 in Oberstdorf, Germany, Tripp went on to study sculpture at the Academy Stuttgart with Rudolf Daudert, and also painting with Rudolf Hausner. His works have been shown at the Goethe Institute in Paris, the State Gallery of Bierbach in Germany, and the Montreal Museum. Tripp lives and works in Mittelbergheim, France.

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Berlin, Knesebeckstrasse 96

The gallery SCHMALFUSS BERLIN - contemporary fine arts was founded in 1998 by MICHAEL W. SCHMALFUß in Marburg and operates since 2011 with its headquarters in Berlin. On more than 200 square meters of exhibition space, solo and group exhibitions are presented several times a year with very different formats, materials and individual artistic imagery from a...

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The castle


50 x 40 cm

1200,00 €

Factory Spine, Lambrate, Milan


100 x 85 x 5 cm

822,82 €