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650 EUR

DreamCatcher III


Single piece Signed Dated Titled

From the series DreamCatcher



90 x 60 x 4 cm
35.43 x 24 x 1.57 in







The DreamCatcher is a series of inspiring and upbeat abstract works. They are very colorful, textured and festive-looking paintings. These artworks are also elegant and classy. The works bring blue, green, and silver in different shades.

The dreamcatcher is an object that transmits positivity and, according to legends, cancels out negative dreams and evil energies. The colorful paints, used with brushes and spatulas, make the environment positive and the decoration of the house beautiful. The author uses sensitivity to transmit good vibes.

This artwork are ready to hang and feature the artist's signature on the back.

1973 , Portugal

JReichler is a visual artist based in Portugal, Lisbon region. Fully focused on abstract art, JReichler is a researcher of shapes and colors. His objective is to create compositions and chromatic experiences that cause different sensations such as impact, well-being, tranquillity or intensity. The artist is minimalist in details and his artworks present a blend of elegance and contemporaneity.

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Cascais, Av. Dom Carlos I

We are located in Cascais at Cidadela Art District, in the heart of the Portuguese Riviera. Lalou.art is committed to promoting the arts in their different trends in the most varied cultures. In addition to encouraging interaction between curators, producers, art critics, journalists, and collectors, we believe in an approach artist-public. This contact a...

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