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Quanta Dada 65 - Can you count that high? Discover the best available selection of paintings by the artist Ivan Suvanjieff . Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness! Kooness
2300 EUR

Quanta Dada 65 - Can you count that high?


Single piece Signed Dated Titled



58 x 43 x 2.5 cm
22.83 x 17 x 0.98 in







I was inspired by a walk along the seafront.

1957 Royal Oak, Michigan, United States

I stand for free expression in a world dominated by the single thought and the established norm. This is the reason why I created my solo exhibition, "Quanta Dada, the new Dadaism". I was drawn to the Dada movement of 1910-1920, a period of intense pictorial and intellectual creativity, which sprang forth 100 years ago in a time which profoundly parallels our own. Dada was created in reaction to an era of global pandemic, crushing autocracy, concentration of wealth, mega-corporate power, and a world on the brink of destruction. The parallels to our current lives in the 2020's are both striking and profound. It is time for a new Dadaism which challenges all established norms, Quanta Dada, in this new era where the human voice once again deserves to be defended.

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Barcelona, Consell de Cent, 277

The gallery Art Nou 277 disposes a unique exhibition space in the heart of Barcelona. Just in the recent years we decided to change the look of the space so the brick-lined wall has got uncovered. Leaving the original walls of the building visible gives the space a different look compared with the other galleryspaces of the city. But this is not what makes...

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sbc 149


130 x 97 cm

4800,00 €