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Grand bouquet de fleurs séchées




55 x 77 cm
21.65 x 30 in







Isabelle Sauvageot is first and foremost a great drawer. Her precise line seems to underline the edges of things rather than reveal their density. A great colorist on the other hand, she develops a palette often veiled in gray, as if the pencil invaded the oil and the paint. She generally paints evocations of solitude. But this solitude is not an isolation. It is a way of being in the world, of being aware of finitude without making a big deal of it, of knowing how to live in the present moment, even tinged with sweet nostalgia. This still life is as often an exercise in vanities. This bouquet of dried flowers is a living cry, a call to live, like the famous poem of Ronsard, "mignonne allons voir si la rose", with less of a saucy side, but with the same elegance.

1960 Nancy, France

SAUVAGEOT, the lonely joys

Isabelle Sauvageot was born in 1960 in Nancy. She lives and works in the Paris region. For a long time a professional opera singer in the Arts Florissants choir, she devoted herself to drawing and painting at the turn of her fifties. She says that for her, they are "just colorized drawings". Workaholic, she learns in the workshops. Her way of painting, the precision of her line, the astonishing greyness of her canvases, which seem to plunge everything in a twilight of the North, are worth to her a monumental success on the networks, and a real commercial success in Switzerland and in the United States, where most of her collectors reside. She has never been shown in a "gallery" show. Everything is isolated, solitary, vaguely gray, the beings are turned in on themselves, abandoned to their thoughts, they do not smile or make contact. The landscapes are there, but indifferent to our presence. The still lifes are on the decline, in the poor light of a kitchen. Pencil, charcoal, ink, gesso, oil on paper, or on canvas directly, the technique is so beautiful that Isabelle Sauvageot struggles to "break" it and become less perfectionist. Because the discipline, the harmony, the nuances of the musician, her sense of beauty and tragedy, the concentration, the melancholy of the talent, everything is transcribed in her works. And from all this comes a great feeling of peace. The simple beauty of things, the incredible delicacy of beings, the calm serenity of landscapes come back to life. Far from the cries and struggles, the possibility of an inner life is reborn. The joy of being alone, connected to the world, and simply alive.

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Paris, 78 avenue de Suffren Village Suisse n°27 Grande Allée

Cécile Dufay first created a gallery in the early 2000s with the ambition of discovering new talents. 120 first exhibitions later, she turned, in 2009, to supporting women artists, sadly under-represented not only in institutions, but also in galleries. Today, what fascinates her, and what she wants to share, is the mastery of artists who have reached the m...

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149.98 x 85.97 x 2.99 cm




55 x 46 cm

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