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Fire in the snow




91 x 122 cm
35.83 x 48 in







Acrylic and resin on canvas

, Canada

Isabelle Beaubien, a native of Montreal, received her training in fine arts at Concordia University.  After launching her career in the UK, she later obtained her Masters degree in Contemporary Art from Villa Arson in Nice, France.  She currently lives and works in Quebec.

Isabelle Beaubien takes a minimalist approach to abstraction, expressing vivacity and effervescence by pushing the boundaries of texture and colour.  Her creative impulse is to play with our expectations, compel us to respond and stirring multiple emotions

Beaubien has perfected her technique and achieve confidence in her aesthetic. Having abandoned brushes, she uses found materials as her preferred tools. She applies thick resin to her mixed media acrylic paintings to further highlight the interplay of textures, colours and the patterns that emerge.  The striking, glossy and saturated paintings are often mistaken for digital art. Beaubien's series of high gloss spiral paintings resemble vinyl records, with scratches on the surface forming grooves.  Although the outcome of her paintings is often unpredictable, Beaubien exercises restraint - she paints with one stroke sometimes retouching a painting by removing paint, but never adding. Her bold choice of colour palettes, at times contrasting, energizes her work.

As an internationally recognized artist, Beaubien has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in London, Miami, and France.  Her artwork has been presented at numerous art fairs in Europe, Asia, and the United States, and featured by media outlets such as Miami Magazine and British Vogue.

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Toronto, 106 Harbord Street


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