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From the series Algo animal, salvaje y rojo como un latido


8 x 7 x 7 cm
3.15 x 3 x 2.76 in







This piece by the artist India Toctli is part of the "Something animal, wild and red like a heartbeat" project, which explores the feeling of emancipation from assumed norms to find one's own essence.

"Heart head" tells us about the balance between emotions, needs, expectations and thoughts. Keeping our mind aligned with our emotions and actions is not always possible. We know where we want to go, but our heads play tricks on us. Therefore, if you need a personal totem, to remind you that you are capable, and that it is possible to live a full life with mind, emotion and action in harmony, this work is for you.

1977 Madrid, Spain

India Toctli was born in Madrid in 1977, although she assures with conviction that her real birth was when she was 38 years old, when she became empowered, healed, and began to live the life that truly belongs to her and deserves.
India has a degree in Psychology from the UAM (1995-2000), specializing in EMDR and Attachment, she is a self-taught artist who is guided by her own wise intuition. Her training in psychology gives her an important background when creating, since through her works she helps other people to heal, in her own words: “My main interest is the development of pieces that connect us with other worlds possible or already existing, new references, spaces that allow the release of all potential and the recovery of everything that has been unjustly cut off, humiliated, neglected, exploited, pillaged, mutilated, raped, silenced, murdered, etc. to heal it and integrate it into of our collective imagination".
India is a magical artist, and her art is shamanic, transformative, cathartic and full of hope. How could it be otherwise, her sensitivity and loving vision, but also critical, include feminism, nature and the questioning of the hegemonic in her way of looking, in her works women come out to say what they have been silent from the beginning. beginning of time. One of her interests is the reinterpretation of the figure of the creator.
India is a multidisciplinary artist, she writes poetry, works with ceramics, textiles, painting, sounds, images, installations, compositions with natural elements and spiritual lullabies.

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